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We supply world class Fire Detection system that are British made which meet and exceed standards. As providers of Fire Detection solutions, we are experts in international fire code standards. Churchill Fire & Security provides critical Fire Detection solutions for a wide range of customers including global retailers, national institutions, educational facilities, government and military, healthcare facilities, airports, on shore and offshore oil and gas installations. Our comprehensive fire protection range includes smoke detectors, sounders, manual call points and control panels. We are can readily supply conventional and addressable fire alarm systems to suit every application.

The following fire alarm systems and accessories are available:

• Call points - Internal and weatherproof.

• Sounders - Standard internal wall and ceiling mounted as well as high-output industrial style units.

• Sounder strobes - Combines both a sounder and strobe in a compact unit.

• Strobes - Internal and weatherproof.

• I/O and interface modules.

• Remote indicators.

• Beam detectors.